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When I decided to put up this site, I started looking for a domain along the lines of “full spectrum.” It seems, though, that I was much too late: every possible variation I tried had already been claimed. This was a very popular phrase; who could have expected that?

So I started looking around for something else, something that would convey the same idea of inclusiveness. One of the first ones I tried was IDIC; lo and behold, there was one free, which I promptly registered.

For those of you who are not Star Trek fans, the word is an acronym for “infinite diversity in infinite combination.” It is a reasonably accurate translation of the Vulcan phrase kol-ut-shan, a core concept in Vulcan philosophy: it reminds us that the universe is much larger and far stranger than the mind can grasp, and that logic rather than emotion is the best way to deal with the never-ending variety. It seemed to fit.

Vulcan calligraphy of kol-ut-shan courtesy of The Vulcan Language Blog.
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