The Full Spectrum Code

The Full Spectrum ribbon can be worn by anyone, of any orientation, identity or family structure. But it is more than just a pretty con souvenir: it comes with a code of conduct that wearers agree to follow.

  1. Be respectful of others. Don’t harass. Don’t make assumptions. Don’t raise your voice in anger. Don’t invade someone’s personal space without clear permission. Don’t touch unless you have been told you may. In short, don’t be a jerk.
  2. Be mindful of what you say and do. Words can become weapons when used carelessly. Before using “gay” to mean “terrible,” and before using words like “queer” or “fag” or “dyke” or “tranny” at all, give some thought to how such language is often used to draw blood… sometimes literally. While it may be “just a joke” to you, the people around you might not feel the same way.
  3. Speak up when others are being disrespectful. Wearing a Full Spectrum ribbon means, “I am your ally.” If someone in your group uses derogatory language or makes offensive jokes, don’t stay silent: let that person know that such language is not appropriate. If you see someone being harassed, don’t just walk by and assume that someone else will handle it; at the very least, go find con security or a member of the staff and let them know what is happening. Most conventions have official anti-harassment policies and know how to deal with such people, but they cannot be everywhere at once and they cannot take action unless they know there is a problem.

I have set this page to accept comments. If you have any feedback about the Code, feel free. Negative comments are fine, as long as they are constructive; offensive comments will be deleted and may result in comments being turned off.

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